• Essential Cedar hang up with Lavender

Essential Cedar hang up with Lavender

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We are pleased to be adding the cedar hang-up with lavender fragrance to our cashmere care program. It has all the freshness of cedar with a the pleasant calming fragrance of lavender in a convenient hanger. This wonderful addition to our cashmere care can be hung in any closet along side your clothing for a fresh scent and natural insect repellent.

Use Essential Cedar anywhere clothing is stored: Closets, garment storage bags and boxes, dressers, chest, suitcases, storage totes and gym bags.


  • 1 hang up per package
  • Natural fragrance
  • Eliminates odors
  • Freshens with a beautiful scent
  • Protects clothing from insects

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Our cashmere comes from Mongolia. We are obsessed with quality and have our very own quality controller based in Mongolia. The quality of cashmere starts with the goats, how their hair is harvested and the methods of collection and separating yarn.

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We have a personal relationship with our producers and believe that when they are compensated fairly for their time and goods, we are contributing to the social and environmental standards in their communities. This is important to us and we hope to you as well.

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